FAQ-020: What is a LI-RADS observation?  

An observation is a distinctive area compared to background liver at imaging. It may be a lesion (mass or nodule) or pseudolesion (e.g., perfusion alteration, hypertrophic pseudomass, or artifact). 

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FAQ-021: The term “observation” is clunky. Can I use another term?  

“Observation” generically applies to any apparent abnormality detected at imaging. As a generic term, it is preferred over “lesion” or “nodule”, since some observations (e.g. perfusion alterations, artifacts) may represent pseudolesions rather than true lesions or nodules. For these reasons, the LI-RADS decision tree and algorithm use the generic term “observation”. In clinical, educational, and research settings, however, use of narrower terms may provide clearer and more succinct communication. Depending on the context, it is acceptable to use the narrowest term for which there is certainty. For example, if there is certainty that a given observation is a true lesion rather than a pseudolesion, then the term “lesion” is acceptable. If there is certainty that the given observation is a nodule, then the narrower term “nodule” is acceptable. 

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